Causes of intimate infections

Sexual contact without adequate protection is the main cause of spreading infections in intimate areas.

For over a decade, the world, including Poland, has seen an increase in infections caused by STI pathogens (Sexually Transmitted Infections). This is related to greater sexual openness, but the problem also affects people in permanent relationships. Couples often give up using condoms in favour of a more convenient hormonal contraception – focusing solely on the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, but underestimating the risks that sex can entail. An infected person may be an unaware, asymptomatic carrier of an infectious agent and inadvertently transfer the infection to their partner.

The increase in the incidence of venereal diseases is mainly due to risky sexual behaviours and a large number of sexual partners. But not only that! A long-term antibiotic therapy, immunodeficiency and some diseases can facilitate the spread of infections in intimate areas. Pregnant women are more susceptible to infections in intimate areas. It is also possible to transfer a pathogen from mother to child. This can happen during pregnancy, natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Transmission of the pathogen from mother to child can lead to some serious health consequences for the child.