Problems with getting pregnant

Intimate infections can be the source of difficulties with getting pregnant, the maintenance of pregnancies and the cause of miscarriages. A test to detect an intimate infection is recommended for every couple with these problems. Untreated STIs can lead to infertility, inflammation of the pelvic organs, damage to the Fallopian tubes, reduced sperm count and motility, and an increase risk of miscarriages. These infections are often asymptomatic or are accompanied by very few symptoms, and can therefore be left out in diagnosing pregnancy failure. These infections are increasingly common (376 million new cases in 2016, according to WHO data). Intimate infections can be treated, but they must be properly diagnosed. In view of these difficulties, it is worth considering the widest possible diagnosis where the genetic material of many pathogens can be detected. In addition, intimate infections can pose a high risk to the foetus and cause birth defects in newborns.