The symptoms of infections in intimate areas can be unnoticed or misleading because they are usually vague. Among the worrying symptoms that should be given special attention are:

In women: In men:
Breakthrough bleeding or bleeding after intercourse Painful urination
Irregular menstrual bleeding Reddening of the penis
Pain in the lower abdomen Discharge from the penis
Discharge, itching Testicular pain
Irritation, reddening of the intimate area  
Frequent, painful urination  


Many infections of intimate areas are asymptomatic. Possible sparse symptoms are often trivialised. The consequence of this is the unconscious spreading of infectious agents. Undiagnosed and untreated infections of intimate areas can lead to the development of venereal diseases, which frequently lead to infertility as a complication.

The occurrence of any of the above-mentioned symptoms, especially after risky sexual behaviour, should occasion an examination. An early identification of the pathogen enables the introduction of appropriate targeted treatment and elimination of the infection before its adverse consequences occur.

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